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Washington County, Utah

Excellent products and customer help!

Posted: 1509 days ago

Through my group, Vesting America's Police K-9s, I recently had the opportunity to donate a Level IIIA (can stop up to a .45 caliber, and up to a 4" blade) to a Police K-9 who needed that vest to give him the highest level of protection when he is deployed. Bullet Blocker's K-9 Shadow Vests are by FAR my favorite vest on the market! They are one of the lightest vests out there, are thin, and flexible (designed to move with the dog). My own Service Dog K-9 partner wears one as a work vest (because it's light enough and cool enough for her to be comfortable). This gives me the opportunity to show the K-9 handlers the vest that they will be getting, and I am constantly hearing "WOW, I like this vest A LOT better than the one our other dog has", or "Oh my gosh, this is so light!", as well as other words of accolades.

The Customer Service at Bullet Blocker is phenomenal! They are very quick to respond by phone or email, and honestly go out of their way to provide the help that you need. Plus, in addition to all of the awesome attributes this vest has, they also have the LOWEST PRICES that I have seen out there! Turn around time from order to delivery was amazingly short!

Bullet Blocker is the only manufacturer that I would trust to donate these protective vests to the K-9 Officers through my 44,000+ supporters group!! You can trust them for great quality equipment also!

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