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Monroe NC

Citizen Ready

Posted: 640 days ago

Look at the society we are in today active shooters can pop up anywhere with little to no warning that has led me and my coworker to do a lot of research on bulletproof products and the final outcome was the bulletproof seat cushion.

The product was more than expected and marketed with truth the material is soft, attractive and the most important aspect is the weight also the price is good and shipping time was reasonable.

I purchased the cushion for my wife and showed her how to use it as a shield with the handy straps, she now has it sitting on her passenger seat and ready to raise if needed plus she can have a comfortable seat cushion while doing her speaking engagements and be prepared discreetly.

I plan on purchasing one for my government vehicle and no i'm not going to test the stopping capabilities with someone holding it the ballistics report will do just fine.

Lastly don't punch it that hurts!

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