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I really like my riding leather vest

Posted: 693 days ago

The riding vest (sleeveless) seems to be high quality. Good leather and seems very durable. I enjoy wearing it.

-Two inside pockets, that snap close. I believe Bullet Blocker created them to be conceal carry pockets. The jacket advertisement claimed the jacket had conceal carry pockets.
-When I wear the vest, nobody can tell I am bullet proof. I bought the wrap around. I am fully bullet proof from the clavicle down to my belt buckle (except arms).
-When I carry my conceal in one of the inside pockets. Nobody can tell I am carrying.
-The vest is thick. I have no doubt it will stop a .44 mag. Not that I'm going to test it, but I think I can be shot with a 9 mm and barely feel it.
-I can ride wearing it all year around. I can wear it under my long sleeve riding jacket in the winter(if I pull out the long sleeve liner). I can wear it solo in the summer, or again, wear it under my long sleeve (mesh) riding jacket for arm crash protection.
-It is stylish enough that it can be worn in public, and not be riding my motorcycle (without looking ridiculous), because it looks like a riding leather vest.

-The vest needs to be zipped up, to conceal the Kevlar. There is a front flap, that goes the length of the vest, from top to bottom. It extends beyond front, so it is easily seen when unzipped. I don't know if it's because I got the full wrap around.
-Kevlar does not breath, so you can get hot wearing it. Not a fault of the vest...that's just Kevlar. Luckily, it is sleeveless, so wearing it is not misery.
-Because I wear the vest zipped up, it is slow to get to the conceal carry. I keep the conceal pocket snapped closed, to keep my carry from accidentally falling out. This makes it even slower to get to your carry. I prefer not to use the built in pockets, but carry in my conceal holsters.

Everyone has a gun. There are more guns in America, than there are citizens. If you believe you are protected, because you carry, you are only half right. If you are going to pull a concealed carry, it's because your life is being threatened. Make it easier to survive the situation.

You never know when you are going to see blue military helmets, on American soil. Obama almost fully allowed UN forces into our country. Trump may be stopping that for now, but that agenda may continue after he is out of office. What's your life worth?

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