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I am on the fence

Posted: 729 days ago

When I originally placed our order for (5) backpacks, I was about to travel out of the country. After placing the order online, I called and spoke with a customer service agent and asked if there was any way they could expedite one of the backpacks because of my pending travel. The order was expected to ship out in 4-6 weeks. They were very accommodating and had 1 backpack shipped immediately. I received it within a week and in time to take on my trip abroad. This was a "10 out of 10" experience. My problem is that, after waiting 8 weeks and still not receiving the remaining 4 backpacks, I called and followed up. I was told they would ship soon. 2 weeks later, still no backpacks so I called again. We received the remaining 4 backpacks approximately 12-14 weeks after we paid for them. For this I am extremely disappointed. The backpacks are constructed well, but the clips that come across your body and hold the arm straps together come off rather easily and are impossible to re-install. they are not stitched, they just squeeze over a piece of edge detail in the fabric. The additional weight takes a little getting used to, but I love that we have them and our kids are safer with them. They clean pretty easily and are water resistant, which I really like.

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